Helical Piers 

Our crews dig deep and they have the training to do it. We certify every crew member to handle your piers like pros.  

Why Piers

Why Piers?

Sometimes soils are shifty, and unfortunately sometimes these loads of dirty dirt are found precisely where you planned to build. Substandard soils are insufficient to support weight, especially not the load-bearing capacity necessary to sustain a structure. Compared to traditional foundation systems, helical piers just can’t be beat for efficient installation combined with long-term dependability. Otherwise known as helical piles or helical foundations, this unique system utilizes steel shafts drilled to a specific load-bearing capacity measured by torque which is defined as rotational force. SDP utilizes a certified and calibrated torque meter to measure the rotational force of each individual pier in kips of resistance, the most effective method of measuring the load-bearing capacity of helical piers. Better yet, helical piers produce zero waste and are instantly load-bearing, allowing your project to move forward immediately. There is no better way to make sure your foundation gets a solid start. Southern Design Piers is ready to help mitigate your soil, facilitate your schedule, and protect your budget.